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Having been a singer and performer my entire life, I took advantage of the recent ukulele renaissance, by teaching myself to play on a whim in 2010; I never looked back!  I joined the Milwaukee Ukulele Club, and have since been a uke ambassador in the theater community, spreading ukulele joy by accompanying musical numbers in shows across these United States, teaching actors to play for roles, and playing as a featured artist for Milwaukee Chamber Theater and the United Performing Arts Fund. I also periodically play small concerts and open mics. I am an active member of the Seasons of the Ukulele on Ukulele Underground, a weekly themed challenge/jam session, and teach beginner ukulele to private students.

As for repertoire, I cover songs that please me... from the old time Tin Pan Alley and classic popular standards, through pop songs of my childhood, to today's Top 40. Sometimes I even write originals.

There are many, many more videos to be found at my YouTube channel; I hope you'll subscribe. I'll be posting new videos on my blog as well.