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Week three already?

Here we are, Wednesday of week three on The Snow.

Since last I posted, we have completed blocking, built a bunch of shadow puppet sequences, learned a slew of original music and stumbled through the play a couple of times. On Saturday, we move into the theater. That is a bunch of stuff to have completed on a brand new play. What a whirlwind.

A whirlwind made even whirlier by my performance in The Back Room Shakespeare Project As You Like It -- an off book, one rehearsal, one-night-only performance at The County Clare. That happened this past Monday. 

Even whirlier, you say? How about a couple of auditions and callbacks -- all of which went well, but are not yet ready to be announced. I will be leaving town for the summer, but where is still be determined. How's that for a cliffhanger?*

In the meantime, come see The Snow, if you can. It is so funny, and a lovely tale well told. Heartwarming, whimsical, crafty, clever, and a raucous good time. All the things you want in a play...

*As soon as I have announcable news, I will announce it.